Reviving old servers

Reviving old servers

Сообщение kingofpoland » Чт янв 06, 2022 22:22

Reviving Dead Servers

So, I would like to breath new life in old and dying servers. My idea is to introduce a hostile AI force to steadily take over unmanaged property and once the AI is strong enough, it can begin to attack the active players. If the AI conquers, then you can retire the server. AI alliances can have monster themes, orcs, goblins, trolls, etc. monster troops should be better than regular troops. Active alliances that destroy an AI alliance could be rewarded with the ability to recruit monster troops.

Divide the server into zones, each zone is an AI alliance. In each AI alliance you might have 10-15 AI players. These 10-15 AI players launch simultaneous attacks in their zone on all properties. These attacks should be light enough for an active player to defend, but heavy enough for inactive properties to fall. Obviously, numbers will vary according to the property size. Once the AI players have established a beachhead they can consolidate into forts and cities. AI players should coordinate with their fellow alliance members in concerted attacks on active players. If AI alliances become large enough, perhaps allow coordination between the different AI alliances. The AI should know how to fake and defend.
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