USA13: Looking for a solid alliance.

USA13: Looking for a solid alliance.

Message par Renescendo Ignis » Mar Août 08, 2017 1:16

I am an experienced lnk player who has returned after an extended hiatus. Looking to join a solid alliance on USA13. Ifanyone is interested in taking me, please pm me. Thank you.
Renescendo Ignis
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Re: USA13: Looking for a solid alliance.

Message par McHanman » Mar Août 22, 2017 7:14

I too am returning from a long break. I would be grateful to have somebody with your experience to assist me in building up my new alliance. It is called DEFENDERS OF THE CONSTITUTION (the name isn't necessarily perminent) I am trying to build an alliance with a well built government that includes some sort of code of conduct or CONSTITUTION system of some sort. I feel the fun in this game is in the building, maintaining, and fighting for our political systems. I am open to all kinds of opinion and feedback.
I'm considering:
*Governing council's
*diplomatic positions
*Treasury systems
*Any other organizational ideas that could work.
If you are interested, just let me know.
I am McHanman. It's only me now but I'm hoping with a few good members to really make an impact. It's a real challenge to get an alliance off the ground. You up for it?
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Re: USA13: Looking for a solid alliance.

Message par Forrest Gump » Jeu Nov 02, 2017 23:28

Greetings, wish you well on your new alliance. I ask you to contact Slim who is one of our leaders and the screaming Eagles. We would always be interested in a patriot as an ally.

Forest Gump
Screaming Eagles
Forrest Gump
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