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I hope there would be an updates on quest using real troops sending it for hunting beasts such as big bear or big snakes such as that. then price can be exchanged to silver. there should also be a loyalty system on populations if basic needs are not met. then it will form a camp outside wall and if they are not subjugated then it will grow and can attack or harras the castle abd steal some resources. this will be fun.players will now make sure tu take care on its system should be added as well..this will be one reason for loyalty drop and also the mandatorry work overtime.
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Re: suggestion

Beitragvon templar117 » Sa Apr 24, 2021 22:24

How can i reset the game and restart again? Pls someone help me
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Re: suggestion

Beitragvon Saltwater » Mi Jun 02, 2021 19:30

You can reset by having all your keeps captured. Or you can choose another server and start fresh there.
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Re: suggestion

Beitragvon DoRG » Sa Aug 06, 2022 2:36

Yeah, a new server is a good way to reset and start over.

Lower numbers are older and generally less active, and the inverse, higher numbered servers are generally younger and more active.
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