Bronze disappearing

Bronze disappearing

Beitragvon Heaven » Di Jul 03, 2018 23:34

If anyone could give me some help would be great. My bronze is going missing and cant figure it out. I havent sent out any spies to use the bronze but it keeps disappearing. Any help with why its happening would be greatly appreciated.
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Registriert: Di Jul 03, 2018 19:53

Re: Bronze disappearing

Beitragvon bil » Do Jan 24, 2019 1:50

Maybe you have been making troops that cost copper or bronze
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Re: Bronze disappearing

Beitragvon lou11 » Do Jan 31, 2019 6:27

Or somebody is spying on your castle.
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Re: Bronze disappearing

Beitragvon SirLordDebonair » Di Feb 05, 2019 22:16

If someone is trying to spy on you, the same quantity of copper will be spend.
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Registriert: Di Feb 05, 2019 22:12

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