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Why can’t I abandon my castle?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2024 11:39 am
by Leif
Hey, the devs have not responded to me so I will try here. I have 2 forts and one castle the castle is over 150 points and the one fort is over 1700 points and the other one is about 1630 points.

That means I have over 10 habitats so the abandon function should work on my castle and my bigger fort. I have no incoming attacks or deffens or other transports. I hav only my own troops in my habitats and I have not send any attacks. All my troops are in the habitat and not on missions.

The abandon bottom appears on the map as it should and when I push it it says it cost som coins (I have the coin for it) and after that it says it is not posible to do this?

Have any body else this problem or suggest how I can get this to work?