Time to punish theft

Time to punish theft

Message par Smackdown17 » Mer Sep 02, 2020 15:40

Twice in three weeks a member mistakenly posted a guest password in a fairly open chat. With the guest account his account was completely stolen, his credentials locked, his cities and forts stolen, all his troops disbanded. The man was ill was targeted and then was robbed.

I know we all need to protect passwords but we also know mistakes happen and accounts are hacked. Certain alliances are using this to ruin the game. Waiting for a mistake and stealing everything someone worked to build is dishonest and cowardly and it’s intellectual theft same as a hacker.

Guest accounts need limits and an instant kill switch. The log on credentials used need to be researched and matched to another user by IP and that user banned, and his alliance punished. A backup data set should be able to be restored at the expense of the hacker. Something has to be done about this as people spend money and it is actually stolen no different than if someone got your ATM card. But unlike the bank here nothing happens.

You can spy and gain info but flat theft needs to be outlined in the user agreement complete with sanctions. Any account or credit card or Apple/google game id disabled. And again guest accounts need limits on what damage can be done with them. No more than 20 soldiers disabled, no ability to cancel support bridges or change other passwords. It should do nothing but support, support.

This is not fun.
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