Firefox the racist lover

Firefox the racist lover

Notapor Moxy » Mar Oct 24, 2017 22:34

We ( Firefox ) still be friendly to the End 🇬🇧


I will still be white 😂 UK 4 🇬🇧 after my reset

Carl ( Your Black ) for life ......

Firefox and his alts you deserve everything that comes to you👊🏿

When it takes a black ( players ) to attack a white woman player ?

On a dead server ?

Firefox that’s you’re profile page you are forgetting that you are a man 😂
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Re: Firefox the racist lover

Notapor Milamber » Jue Oct 26, 2017 0:25

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Re: Firefox the racist lover

Notapor youio » Sab Oct 28, 2017 12:12

He wanted to booted a player who was racially abused by a ally because the player who was abused took a fort off the abuser.

Firefox deserves to be reset as he's a weak little toss pot who does not defend his own team members who are being abused.
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Registrado: Sab Oct 28, 2017 12:09

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