New feature: the fortress

New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon Geist » Mo Sep 29, 2014 12:26

Dear community,

We are currently working on a special new feature that is nearing it’s completion: the fortress.

We want to offer our most loyal players, who have been around for a long time, a special game experience that will lastingly change the current gameplay and will add more variety to the game in the long run.

The most important information about the fortress can be found in the following Q&A section.

Please note: As the fortress is a great expansion, we may still have to adjust some of it’s traits. For this reason your feedback is especially important!

What is the fortress?
The fortress is a feature that allows you to merge several of your castles into a single mighty fortress.

Why should I build a fortress?
- The fortress will make your realm more powerful through increased production, storage capacity, subjects and a defensive bonus in the long run.
- Furthermore, the creation of a fortress will facilitate both the administration effort and organization of your defense.
- But beware: at first, the fortress is not as powerful as the castles from which it was created. It must first be improved to attain it’s full strength.

What are the new features of the fortress?
- The fortress can store more resources and units that the five single castles from which it was created.
- New missions and researchable knowledges improve your resource gain even further.
- The fortress has a different icon on the map, so that everyone can marvel at your bulwark.
- It will also have a brand now image in the castle view.

How do I create a fortress?
- In order to create a fortress, you will need 5 fully upgraded castles that are close to one another. Each will have to have researched the new knowledge “Fortress construction”.
- You will decide which of the castles will become the fortress center in the keep and then you can bind the other castles to the fortress center one by one. The distance between the fortress center and any of the bound castles can not be larger than some fields.
- You can create the fortress once you have bound 4 castles to the fortress center.

How much will creating a fortress cost?
- The cost to create a fortress center are several thousands of silver, this process will take some hours
- The costs to bind another castle to the fortress center are several thousand of silver per castle that have to be payed from the fortress center. The binding process will take some hours per castle.
- The costs for the actual creation of the fortress once all required castles have been bound to it are another thousands of silver and the construction time will take another some hours.

What are the battle rules for the fortress?
- In order to have another battle round, there have to be a lot more combatants on both sides than the usual 100 each.
- Conquering a fortress costs much more silver than conquering a regular castle.

Can I bind castles that are bound to one fortress center to another one?
Yes. All castles (including the fortress center) can be bound to another fortress center, should the situation on the map have changed or a planing error have occurred, providing the fortress has not been fully constructed yet.

Can the construction of a fortress be undone?
No. A fortress can not be destroyed again.

What happens to the castles after the fortress has been created?
The fortress center will become the fortress. The other castles will become free castles.

Which worlds will have access to the fortress feature?
Please understand that we will have to thoroughly test the fortress, before we can decide whether we will activate it everywhere. On which worlds the test run will take place is not decided yet.

Feel free to leave your feedback in this thread, so that we can continue developing this feature according to your wishes.

Your Lords & Knights team
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Re: New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon Liver Eating Griz » Mo Sep 29, 2014 14:06

First Recommendation for the developers--Get rid of the wood background in your post. We need greater contrast to read the thing.
Liver Eating Griz
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Re: New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon Dark 124 » Mo Sep 29, 2014 14:11

While this feature sounds for a new server, it sounds like a very poor idea for existing servers. If it is implemented on the servers I play, it would mean the end of my time on the server.
Dark 124
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Re: New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon V7KNIGHT PFJ » Mo Sep 29, 2014 14:15

I think it will be awesome!
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Re: New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon Lotus » Mo Sep 29, 2014 14:23

I think it is an interesting idea. However, I think it's implementation into the older servers may cause disruption that is unnecessary. For a change to those servers if would recommend increasing the single castles capacity. Let them hold more silver and resources and citizens. That would be better in my opinion. However the other idea may be fun as well. I just see it as taking people off of war and into self farming. Which is not to my taste.
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Re: New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon deadreckoning » Mo Sep 29, 2014 14:26

Are you implementing it on the battler servers

Also does this include full research aswell
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Re: New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon DanDan » Mo Sep 29, 2014 14:33

Losing 4 castles to create a fortress is a bit insane, is it really worth it? What if other alliances fill the vacuum around you? Could just make them disappear?
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Re: New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon rrrheyr » Mo Sep 29, 2014 14:34

If u do this we should have new troops not the the same old ones a fortress means power we should have royal kights to build or guard men also inplacements to defend but it will make big changes in servers in sh
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Re: New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon rrrheyr » Mo Sep 29, 2014 14:35

So u build a fortress and u lose 4 castles means u gotta retake tham and start building all over !? No way
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Re: New feature: the fortress

Beitragvon Relentless » Mo Sep 29, 2014 14:36

While I like the idea of the fortress, it may throw an in imbalance into the game. It already seemingly takes forever to build silver. I know that there is added value to you when silver becomes a more critical and important element to the game because it drives those who buy gold to buy more gold. However, that is not the entire tea of your audience. And if you driveaway those who did not buy gold as your audience shrinks your overall market sure will shrink. So I would strongly recommend that while it must be costly it, must not be prohibitive.
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