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Scotland is the land of Scots, since the time of the Romans our ancestors have fought and died protecting these lands from our enemies. They fought and died for our freedom, our independence. Fast forward a thousand odd years and you get enter the era of the first War for Scottish Inpedendence. With figures like The famed William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce, and the men that followed them. The men that believed Scotland and her people should be free. Free from oppression and free from tyranny. Those men fought for what they believed in. They fought for what was right. And together they gained their independence. Then you look through the centuries after we claimed our independence and the English came back again and again. Always trying to "reclaim" what was never theirs to begin with. Everytime they tried to take Scotland we fought back. We won and we lost but when we did lose it wasn't long before we took up arms again and fought tooth and nail for what is ours. Here it is, 2017, and we are once again forced under English rule. A few years back there was a vote, a vote to see if Scotland should be independent and yet we voted NO. Is this what its come to?? Are we finally giving up?? NO, WE ARE NOT! The older generation for the most part voted NO but 73.5% of teenagers voted YES for independence. That means a change is coming and it is coming soon. My generation is saying "To Hell with England!" we want our independence and we want it now! To all my loyal Brothers and Sisters of Scotland I say to you; Take matters into your own hands! If they won't give us our independence then we will take it by the point of a gun if need be!  We will be oppressed no longer! The English don't know what is best for Scotland! The Scots know what is best for Scotland! And what is best for Scotland is our INDEPENDENCE!!!  ALBA GU BRÀTH!!!!!!!
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Re: Scotland

Postby Milamber » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:31 pm

Which one are you Salmond or wee Krankie?
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Re: Scotland

Postby Moxy » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:50 pm

I wish the people of England had a vote also as we wanted rid of you's free loading iron brew drinking parasites long time ago. Widow twanky or Mary doll from Rab C Nesbit who runs your country needs to learn that us English hate the Scots more than the Scots hate us. Run your own country pay your own bills and stop freeloading off us English.
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