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Region Suggestions

Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:36 pm

1.) A lot of us work odd hours, which is why we play this game. Whether we're working night shift, up with newborns, or are just night owls I play on Euro servers sometimes, and sometimes Euros play on US servers. How about an Atlantic server? Maybe sunrise is 5am Eastern time. Or, the option to set our own personal night/day cycle when we register on a server. Can pay gold to change it if we change jobs or need to tweak it, and give it a cooldown to stop abuse.

2.) Change regions to counties, but make them slightly smaller. Make 3 adjoining regions a Duchy, adjoining Duchies a Kingdom, adjoining Kingdoms an Empire. Allow Duchy, Kingdom, etc upgrades instead of upgrading regions separately, but have all lost if an alliance loses an adjoining county and is thus no longer a Duchy. Creates more risk/reward. Make upgrades incredibly expensive and long at high levels to keep smaller alliances with only counties viable. County upgrades should be cheap and fast.

3.) Limit diplo. Tie it to size to nerf mega alliances. The top alliances shouldnt have unlimited bias. This should create a natural balance - confederations of smaller alliances and more isolated giants.

4.) Embargos. Maybe a diplo stance, which nerfs your own alliance's resource production but also nerfs someone else's. "Trade agreement" could boost both. Someone making a 100pt alliance shouldnt be able to embargo a 100k pt alliance and have it mean anything, so make sure scale matters.
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