Suggestion: "areas" of castles/fortresses/cities

Suggestion: "areas" of castles/fortresses/cities

Postby tinysizer » Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:35 am

Typical big players will have castles all over an alliance's strongholds and hence all over the map.
As a player becomes bigger, it becomes more and more difficult to determine if you have enough silver to perform a capture from a certain number of habitats: basically you have to go over your habitats and tally your silver.
Here's an idea that would help players with lots of castles/fortresses/cities all over the map tremendously:

Allow players to create "areas" with meaningful names. These areas are just clusters of habitats and can only be seen and managed by the player itself. In any area, a player can drop/move any number of castles/fortresses and cities. A habitat can only be part of one area at a time. Typically, one can assume that a player would use these areas to group habitats from the same strongholds or locations that are geographically close with meaningful names.

Now, I would propose that in the area management screen, a player would be able to see at a glance how much silver and how many (offensive and defensive) troops he has within that area. An area would offer only this feature: allowing a player to quickly see if he has enough silver and troops to attack from that area. Launching and syncing attacks would still have to be done individually from each habitat.
This would offer two benefits: during wars, with strongholds all over the map, a player would quickly be able to determine how many targets he would be able to acquire from a certain area, this would be really useful for coordinated ops all over the map. And secondly, during land reform, when players are scraping for silver all over the map just to get that one additional cap, one would quickly be able to see how many caps are possible from his different areas.

What would be even better is if there was an additional piece of info available for areas: the amount of incoming silver within the next 12 and 24 hours. It would allow to do some planning ahead and help tremendously during land reform and ops. I could quickly see I'm, say, 400k short on silver in one area and start moving some silver in that direction in the next 24 hours to be ready for an op...

It's land reform again and I find myself scraping for silver all over my castles to make sure I can get that one last cap before land reform expires... :-)

Call them areas, clusters, regions or whatever, but I think they would be a very useful feature!
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Re: Suggestion: "areas" of castles/fortresses/cities

Postby Shannon » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:01 pm

I have a suggestion: How about stop making stupid new updates? What’s next? Moon castles that take a billion troops and a zillion silver to capture or that can be trickled for 6 months straight? Or perhaps the World Series or Super Bowl addition?

L&K you are really struggling. You seriously are updating the fun out of this game.
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Re: Suggestion: "areas" of castles/fortresses/cities

Postby Angshan » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:36 am

I hope there would be an updates on quest using real troops sending it for hunting beasts such as big bear or big snakes such as that. then price can be exchanged to silver. there should also be a loyalty system on populations if basic needs are not met. then it will form a camp outside wall and if they are not subjugated then it will grow and can attack or harras the castle abd steal some resources. this will be fun.players will now make sure tu take care on its system should be added as well..this will be one reason for loyalty drop and also the mandatorry work overtime.
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