Postby rdsarmy » Sat Jun 11, 2016 8:48 pm

a new option under the General Functions page....would like to see a button like the exchange resource button but it will be called consolidate will function almost exactly like the intelligent resource trading except for one change at the very top of the screen we will be able to post a castle link...after selecting the unit you want to carry the silver, you select the castles you want all the silver moved out of and you post a castle link to where you want the silver moved to...
this would be a huge time saver...the problem I'm having now is I have around 60 plus castles spread all over the place..I'll look at my summary at it'll tell me I have enough silver for a cap...but the problem is it is spread throughout all of my 1000 here, 20000 there, would be great after you exchange silver and it can go back to the general functions page and under the consolidate silver option, you'll be able to move silver from all forts to one designated place...using an intelligent consolidation system

that would be mine and others main button..especially during a server war
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Re: Idea

Postby Radek NWA » Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:34 am

The fortress buildable area is not always obvious. List of available additions to the fort center helps, but it shows castles in range either in normal mode or fortress architect mode one at the time. Combining those and showing complete list of castles in both ranges (separated maybe with headings) would help planning caps for future architect events.
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