Viking Special Attack Feature

Viking Special Attack Feature

Postby Stormborn » Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:07 pm

The advertised Viking Special Attack feature, described in the recent Viking description, seems to have some serious issues. Our members have been experimenting with various combinations. It seems the ONLY combination that works is when there are exactly 99 units of a Viking type. For example, 101 Berzerkers attacking 150 AH, is halved, just as in a normal attack. In this same scenario, precisely 99 Berzerkers attacking 150 AH, resiults in losses of all 150 AH and all 99 Berzerkers.

This makes absolutely no sense and, I believe, it is not what was intended in the programming.

Don't get me wrong. The attack values, enhanced speed, and carrying capacity are all very worthwhile. However, if the special attack feature thar showed promise as a possible truckle buster, was the intention, it needs some more work. It is very ublikely that anyone will have the exact scenario, in an attack, to use only 99 of a single unit type against a 101+ defense of a opposite unit type.
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Re: Viking Special Attack Feature

Postby G S » Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:43 pm

I just tried to bust the trickle and pulled all but 99 of each Viking type (3x 99). They had 88 spears, 40 xbows, 40 AH for defense. I had over 5,000 of each Viking type and was just halfing his defense.
Using the 3 x 99 I continued to half him. I soon lost the battle due to lack of troops.
I'm not sure this is the intended use of the Vikings.
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