4 ideas to add to the game

Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby Nicknama » Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:26 am

Sir-Duke-of-Earl wrote:True true there is many other.. I guess I've been burned tooooooooo many times by that style of defense.... I still miss the VALOR game I use to play, where it's 1 round x vs y... And that's it's..

They have a new game coming that will be like that- I think its called battle hordes (in beta now)
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby Pikavee » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:40 am

All your suggestions make a whole different game. Why not leave L&K like it is. Many like it this way. The funny thing is I always look on the English Suggestions and Feedback and I also look in the german version of it. All these ending of trickles and stuff are only found here. You don't seem to like the game the way it was made and want a change that is probably way too big. Many players will quit. I for example like the game how it is now. I can also do an Offensive trickle. Not all advantages are for the defence. You have to think about all players that play this game not only you and some of your friend who want a change.
The funny thing is that you always say that 80k men should overrun 100 men. But why attack with 80k? Just attack more castles but with less troops. 1 castle is easily defended even when it's attacked with 100k+ men or even way more. But 10 castles attacked with 15k are not so easily defended. Or 20k. I for example can attack 10 castles at once with 20k troops without a problem. And I don't need to have silver everywhere. Sometimes it's nice to let the opponent think you have silver somewhere just to start another attack.
Example: You and 29 others attack each 1 castle. 30 castles are quite easily defended. Now imagine everyone attacks about 10. Everyone with 10k+ troops for each. Now you have 300 castles that are attacked. Now you have an advantage because the opponent can't defend everywhere.
Don't change the system to fit it to your fighting style. Change your fighting style with the time. There will always be some kind of evolution.
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