4 ideas to add to the game

4 ideas to add to the game

Postby MrTenneal » Mon May 05, 2014 2:45 pm

A few ideas/suggestions.

The castle list needs to go. Other players should not be able to see ALL my castle locations. In one swift move the enemy can "remove" me from the game. I should be able to build up a secret strong hold area..

Castle info: you must send a diplomat/spy to see who owns it, and the pts of the castle.

Fog of war. 100 field range. Make you have to take castles in order to see a area. Which would limit the "attack notice" you get. Total world view should not be there.

Incoming attacks. - these advance notices give the enemy too much time to prepare a defense (trickle) . Limit the time to say 5-8hrs or an "building upgrade" like a Watchtower. Or better idea. You can convert a 15pt castle to a watch tower to expand you field of view range to counter the Fog of War.
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby Lady Erin » Mon May 05, 2014 5:20 pm

A pinning ability for the forums and mailboxes.
Also a filing system for messages.
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby Sir Bob » Mon May 05, 2014 8:46 pm

Oh Lord, not the Fog of War again. Anything but that...
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby Sir Bob » Mon May 05, 2014 8:50 pm

I like the shorter notice of impending attacks say a note arrives once an army is within 75 fields of one of your castles or something but not the Fog of War.
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby ᷈ɑͥʀͣʗͫ ɑɴͭɡͪɛͤɭ ᷉ » Mon May 05, 2014 10:21 pm

Fog of war sucks bad idea.

I think trickles spoil the game, being able to add in 60 troops every 10 mins until you kill off an army of 100,000 come on!

The battle dynamics need to be tweaked so that battles are more decisive rather than set in stone to "100+ troops left = another round"

Maybe if an attacker manages to amass an army of a higher ratio than 20:1 then the option to surrender is given or auto activated cause of the massive lop sidedness of the battle. Surely better than a 20 odd hour boring trickle defence.
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby Sir-Duke-of-Earl » Tue May 06, 2014 11:09 am

Trickle does mess up the game.. Extra troops running into a castle under siege is not realistic. Maybe give a window of 15-20 min to get troops into the castle. Then any extra troops do not get a fortification bonus. And if the ratio of troops attacking vs defense is 100 to 1 then the castle is over ran.

Ok no fog of war per say. The castle list should be removed. It will balance the game for everyone. So everyone can build up and stay hidden till found by the enemy.

Attack notice of 4-6 hrs. Is better a "watch tower" would increase the time. Sounds alright.
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby Strutter » Wed May 07, 2014 11:57 pm

1) Nope. Too hard to plan MAs.

2) Nope. So I'd have to send a spy to see if I was going to attack an enemy or ally?

3) NOPE. FoW lasted I think 2 weeks. Probably 97% of players hated it. L&K will never do that again. Enough said.

4) Undecided. Only advantage, if it were done by fields would be to those that haul silver via LH as opposed to carts.
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby MrTenneal » Thu May 08, 2014 7:00 pm

Gentlemen... All I ask for is war, a war so grand as to make Hell itself tremble. Gentlemen, I ask you as fellow brothers in arms, what is it you really want? Do you wish for further war as I do? Do you wish for a merciless, bloody war? A war whose fury is built with iron, and steel? Do you ask for war to sweep in like a tempest, leaving not even ravens to scavenge, from this Server!?

Very well. Then war is what you shall have. We are a clenched fist, ready to strike down all who oppose us, with our might. But... After enduring for over two years, wallowing in the darkness, for us, a simple "ordinary" war will no longer be sufficient. We need a MASSIVE war! A war beyond any other that man's history has ever known! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in hell!

There needs to be a change. After 2 years of playing this game, it has got to change in order to keep us playing. You might as well change the name of this game to Spartan: Battle of Thermopylae. As every person here is King Leonidas defending the castle pass from the Persian King Xerxes. 101 Spartan trickle army vs 80,000. Really? It's lame. I didn't know my troops were henchmen attacking 1 at a time... 1000:1 troop advantage and you don't win!!!!

Give me catapults, give me trebuchets, give me rams. I want to break the enemy, not just his will, but his castle as well. I want to destroy his wall. His ability to raise an army, his crops to feed his people, the resources to buy copper and silver. I want to scorch that castle to the ground!

"FoW lasted I think 2 weeks. Probably 97% of players hated it. L&K will never do that again. Enough said. "

No...probably 90% of the 97% no longer play.. Why not take a 2nd look into it. Give me the unknown. I want the fog of war or a form of it. I should not be able to see in a glance the name or strength of a castle. The location of the castle...sure....why not but not the info about it.... Hide the darn list of ALL of my castle locations!!! I've invested way too much time in this game for that.. I should be able to build up in secret and strike from the shadows.. Not for some jack to watch my list and strike while I build...How about Make me pay a "diplomat" silver to visit the "black market" to acquire the info.. Make them send a spy, or attack them!! Or if you conquer one of my castles you gain the location of some of my nearby castles.. But don't give the info freely.. And then it can be old outdated info..as you expand you meet neighbors and you know who your neighbors are.

Castle overrun: when the attacking troops number 200:1 then you overrun the defense and take the castle.

Give me a universal game clock to assist in coordinated attacks/defense... Joe blow in EST tells me his landing but I have to play the game of is that Server sunrise + 3hrs or 4hrs. Just give me a game clock..

To hard for mass attack.. Well that's war. The synchronize attack option made the game WAY to easy...

Speaking of attacks.. These advance notice of incoming attacks is ridiculous.. 50hrs, 78hrs, 100hrs notice gives Leonidas way to much time to rally his Spartan trickle army... Either cut out the trickle or cut the notice down..

Free castles need to continue to build up and grow beyond 40pts
Inactive player cites need to convert to free cities after 1 month and then grow..

New building: Walls - Increase defense of troops in castle
Watchtower - increase attack notice time.
Towers - increase troop attack strength inside castle
Market: the Gold exchange... Let me trade in 1000 silver for 1 gold!
Taxes: let me tax my subjects to make cooper, silver, or gold..
Siege workshop - build siege machines. (Rams, catapults, trébuchets)
Moat - increase defense of troops in castle, prevents overrun of castle.
Palace/Capitol (only 1) - increase subject amount. Increase attack/defense

This game is getting old and boring and more people are leaving for newer games.. We need fresh ideas and features
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby dany » Thu May 08, 2014 7:32 pm

All your suggestions make a whole different game. Why not leave L&K like it is. Many like it this way. The funny thing is I always look on the English Suggestions and Feedback and I also look in the german version of it. All these ending of trickles and stuff are only found here. You don't seem to like the game the way it was made and want a change that is probably way too big. Many players will quit. I for example like the game how it is now. I can also do an Offensive trickle. Not all advantages are for the defence. You have to think about all players that play this game not only you and some of your friend who want a change.
The funny thing is that you always say that 80k men should overrun 100 men. But why attack with 80k? Just attack more castles but with less troops. 1 castle is easily defended even when it's attacked with 100k+ men or even way more. But 10 castles attacked with 15k are not so easily defended. Or 20k. I for example can attack 10 castles at once with 20k troops without a problem. And I don't need to have silver everywhere. Sometimes it's nice to let the opponent think you have silver somewhere just to start another attack.
Example: You and 29 others attack each 1 castle. 30 castles are quite easily defended. Now imagine everyone attacks about 10. Everyone with 10k+ troops for each. Now you have 300 castles that are attacked. Now you have an advantage because the opponent can't defend everywhere.
Don't change the system to fit it to your fighting style. Change your fighting style with the time. There will always be some kind of evolution.
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Re: 4 ideas to add to the game

Postby MrTenneal » Thu May 08, 2014 8:44 pm

I do understand your system of attack and we do use that. I throw fakes and reals to 10+ castles across an area with are squad mates. My true 1 complaint is the unrealistic attack/defense system. A castle "under siege" should not be able to be reenforced nor should be able to defend off a high ratio of attackers to defenders. So if "80k" of attackers comes to a castle with 100 defenders. How do not over run them. Then you tell me that somehow 54 more men made it "into" the castle to hold off they guys and durning that time 100 guys pick off 40k attackers... And so forth....

"All your suggestions make a whole different game." Well it is the suggestion and feedback thread. Imagine if a MMO game like Everquest, WOW or Shadowbane failed to change and adapt. I played WOW from almost the beginning and went thru many updates and expansion packs that changed the entire nature and play style of the original game. Look at WOW now still around the top because they continue to update, change, and adapt to players feedback, suggestion and play style.
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