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The fortress: FAQ

Postby Geist » Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:28 pm

Dear community,

we have already announced the fortress. It will be available on all worlds soon.

The fortresses will offer players of Lords & Knights a new and more varied type of gameplay in the later stages of the game.

Having mainly explained the concept of the fortress in our first Q&A, we want to present the exact building costs and traits for the fortress and have added them to the Q&A.

Please be aware: your feedback will be vital during the live testing phase, so that we can adjust the traits of the fortress if necessary!

What is the fortress?
The fortress is a feature that allows you to merge several castles into one large and mighty fortress.

Why should I build a fortress?
A fortress will make your empire more powerful in general and it will lessen the management and organisation that your realm needs.

A fully upgraded fortress will have the following enhancements:

- higher silver and copper capacity (200.000 pieces each)
- better exchange rates for silver and copper (silver 1:45; copper 1:3)
- shorter distance to the market from the keep (20 fields)
- higher capacity for wood, stone and ore (80.000 each)
- better exchange rates for wood, stone and ore (1:1 for each)
- shorter distance to the market (1 field)
- better base defence of the fortress wall (8.000)
- higher defence bonus (130% for each unit type)
- more available subjects (40.000)
- new offensive bonus in the barracks (+20% for each unit type)
- better resource production for wood, stone and ore (through the building levels; +45% for each resource type)
- even better resource production for wood, stone and ore (through research; +13% for each resource type)
- higher movement speed for your units (research; +5% for each unit type)
- the unit recruitment in a fully upgraded fortress is as fast as the combined speed of 5 regular castles put together.
- a fortress is able to produce significantly more offensive or defensive power per hour in conjunction with its numerous offensive and defensive bonuses

- but beware: the fortress is not as powerful as the individual castles were just after it has been created. It must be upgraded in order to achieve its true potential.

What changes does the fortress bring?
- The fortress can store more resources and contain more units than the five individual castles from which it was made could. The total storage capacity and subject amount is equal to that of 8 full upgraded castles can be achieved.
- New missions and researchable technologies will improve your resource production.
- The fortress has it’s own graphic on the map, so that everyone can marvel at your powerful bulwark.
- The castle overview will also have a new and impressive graphic.

How do I create a fortress?
- In order to create a fortress, you will need 5 fully upgraded castles that are close to each other and have researched the new technology "fortress construction”.
- you will have to set one of these castles as the fortress center in it’s keep. This will mark the fortress’s location on the map. (Keep / create fortress center / create button)
- after that you will have to link the 4 other needed castles to the fortress center (tap the keep / expand the fortress center / create button)
- the distance from the fortress center to the bound castles must not be larger than 3 fields.


In order to demonstrate the creation of the fortress a bit more clearly, we created an animated graphic for you:

- you can create the fortress, once you have bound 4 of your castles to the fortress center. (tap the keep again / expand the fortress center / create button)

What are the combat rules for the fortress?
- In order to extend the combat turn 500 soldiers are needed on both sides, instead of the previous 100
- conquering a fortress costs 5 times the amount of silver that a regular castle would cost.
- when calculating the amount of silver a player needs to conquer another castle/fortress, any fortress that player owns is counted as 5 individual castles.

Can I link the castles that are bound to one fortress center to another?
Yes, all castles (even the fortress center) can be bound to another fortress center, should the situation on the map have changed or should you have made a planning error, provided the fortress has not yet been fully constructed.

Can the creation of a fortress be reversed?
No a fortress can never be destroyed.

What happens to the castles once the fortress has been created?
The fortress center becomes the fortress the other involved castles become free castles

What happens to the units and resources in the linked castles?
All units, resources, copper and silver will be merged together in the fortress.

What happens if a fortress is created while the linked castles are being attacked?
Is the fortress created while some of the linked castles are attacked, all running attacks on the now free castles will be stopped and the troops will be sent back to their homes, silver inclusive. But the attack on the fortress center will keep running.

What happens to any attacks, resource transports and supporting troops once the fortress has been created?
All running transports and supporting troops targeting the castles that are bound to the fortress center will be sent to the fortress center (the new fortress) as soon as the fortress has been created. Current attacks are canceled though.

The creation of a fortress creates free castles. Doesn’t that open the doors for an enemy offensive?
We consider the chances of enemies getting a lasting foothold in areas of your own alliance as quite low. In border areas or less densely populated areas it will be ease for enemies to become your new neighbours. But who would want to have a new castle next to an enemy fortress?
We expect that the newly created castles will be a tactical element that ensure more movement and fun in the game.

Does a fortress make it harder to start a successful offensive?
A fortress is harder to conquer, but the rewards are greater as well,so that the fortresses will be attractive targets.

Should you find problems, have questions or suggestions for improvement of this feature, please contact our support:

We will try to optimise the fortress in such a way that it will offer a balanced, exciting and well crafted gameplay experience.

Feel free to leave your feedback in this thread, so that we can improve the fortress according to your wishes!

One last piece of advice: Each castle that is to be linked to the fortress must have 20.000 silver in its coffers.

Your Lords & Knights Team
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Re: The fortress: FAQ

Postby -SHADOW- » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:16 pm

Hello, you can increase the number of required fields?
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Re: The fortress: FAQ

Postby The United States » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:27 pm

Honestly I think 20k silver from each castle is a bit much.
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Re: The fortress: FAQ

Postby TheAlmightyTallest » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:32 pm

What happens to soldiers stationed in 1) the center castle and 2) the 4 supporting castles, and what about the copper? Are they all lost or do they get moved to the new fortress?

@ TheUS, it's a flat 100k. Recaping the other 4 free castles would cost me 170k+. I think it's fair.
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Re: The fortress: FAQ

Postby Bilbo-LKotA » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:39 pm

Whilst100k silver seems fair on face value, this is a war game. That means another 100k less silver towards capturing other castles.
War needs encouraging, this 100k silver just removes silver from the game. If silver were easier to generate, I'm sure their would be more activity.
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Re: The fortress: FAQ

Postby Noddy » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:49 pm

Load of players that play this game properly are now disadvantaged because

A. They dont max upgrade their castles (will now take maybe weeks to upgrade to 288)

B. They have castles spread over the map and not in clusters of 5 or more.

Doubt i will keep playing now, good one greedy sods😡
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Re: The fortress: FAQ

Postby Subseven » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:49 pm

Y para cuando las instrucciones en español? No mamen
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Re: The fortress: FAQ

Postby Lord Baker » Wed Dec 03, 2014 6:01 pm

Is there a way to check if the 5 castles you choose are close enough.
The field layout is a bit unclear as some fields have nothing in them.
Lord Baker
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Re: The fortress: FAQ

Postby CetaMasinaaaa » Wed Dec 03, 2014 6:25 pm

Good job!
F*ck game now.
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Re: The fortress: FAQ

Postby dannyllll » Wed Dec 03, 2014 6:26 pm

Can you use 5 different accounts to make a fortress.?
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